Sunday, 27 September 2015

No 2nd year Visa, back to Thailand.

I'm writing this blog as I'm sat in Singapore airport waiting for my flight to Bangkpok. I have to wait 10 hours in the airport but luckily for me this airport is pimped out. It has a bajillion shops, cafes, food joints, etc etc and it also has this game which anyone flying can have a go of called the social tree. I had a gander at it but it was taking ages to do anything and y'know I've only got 10 hours to kill, can't be wasting my time. Some Asian bambinos seemed giddy enough about it though.

Me and Christian had been to this airport about a year ago when we left Bangkok to go to Darwin and as I sit here waiting, I can't help but think how fast this last year has gone. Too fast. But isn't it always like that? I did not get my second year visa for Australia and I was pretty devastated about it. I believed deep down that I would absolutely get it and have another year in Oz, but alas, it wasn't to be. Before I found out, I was living in a comfortable bubble of ignorance. Blisffully unaware that the last few weeks of strolling around Darwin were to be my last on Ozzy turf.

When I found out I kept thinking about what I could have done differently to prolong my stay, analysing all the twists and turns of the last year to see if there could have been a way to avoid this. But it doesn't matter. After about 3 days of self pity I came to the realisation that whatever mistakes were made, they were made with the best intent. And the world is a big place after all, so much more to see and do.

So I flew from Manchester to Bangkok to Darwin to Melbourne, then went back to Darwin, and now I will be heading to Bangkok and then to Manchester (na na na, Manchester na na na). How do you reflect on a year like this? Me and Christian had no idea when we were sat in that Manchester airport on a rainy Monday morning what was in-front of us. We got drunk that morning and nearly caught a flight to fiji, or somewhere like that. When we finally arrived in Bangkok the pair of us were stunned. The taxi journey from the airport to the hostel lasted about 50 minutes and neither of us said much as we gawked out of the windows at the concrete jungle around us.

Thailand was an amazing time though. From the moment we gulped down our first Chang, with it's unregulated alcohol percentage, to having the worst food poising ever on our last day – it was fantastic. Some highlights from Thailand;

Meeting a Dutch couple on a cabin boat and getting Changed up together which led to Christians infamous 'Chang face'. We had about 4 or 5 long neck bottles of Chang and there was a picture of Christian which I took on my phone where he looks like the happiest any person has ever been, he clearly doesn't know which planet he is on but he looks so content.

Riding elephants with the German super couple. We had a tour of Thailand booked for us which meant we kept running into the same people throughout our time in Thailand. Two of those people were the German super couple. They both looked gorgeous and this one particular day me and Christian were, yep you guessed it, hungover, and it was time to go riding elephants. You couldn't have seen a further contrast between this German sex God and Goddess and then me and Christian who probably had sick in our beards. We were pissing ourselves when we got on these elephants, you felt like you could fall off at any minute. There's a picture I had on my phone of the German super couple looking like movie stars on top of their elephant and then me and Christian next to them laughing our heads off at probably nothing.

Boat trip from hell. It's strange to call this a highlight since it was one of the worst things I've ever experienced, but it was just so damn memorable. I've never had any sea sickness but within about 10 minutes of being on this boat you knew something was going wrong. The boat kept smashing into these huge waves and at one point you thought the boat was going to snap in half. After one particularly big crash through a wave a woman yelped at the front of the boat. Once you realised the boat wasn't going to split in half another problem occurred – wanting to hurl your guts out. Everyone on the boat started to be sick. It was really disgusting – you could hear people throwing up in every direction and it left a lingering smell of fresh sick everywhere. It was gross. One bloke at the front made the loudest noise every time he hurled. I filled a couple of sick bags up before going onto the deck because I couldn't stand it anymore. When we were finally released from the sea we had to get a taxi to our next destination. It was me and Christian, post-vomit, and 5 immaculate Japanese girls stuck together in this taxi. We must have stunk. And again, we had sick in our beards.

Moaning dutch girl. We arrived at one of the islands and got chatting to this Dutch girl who then proceeded to whinge and moan about the place. Me and Christian observed the beautiful surrounding paradise thinking what the 'eff are you on about love. 

5 kilometer walk on a hangover from hell. Hey, what do you like to do when you're hungover? Eat crap food and watch films, yea? Well me and Christian had to do a 5k walk up a mountain feeling like we'd just been dug up out of the ground. To be fair though, it was in a beautiful national park with amazing water falls and by the end of the walk you felt great.  

Mad, mad, mad night out on Khao San Road. We had a great couple of nights out in Bangkok. I got a tattoo and ate a scorpion on one of them but the final night out on Khao San Road was just crazy. We got drinking with a bunch of guys and gals (one of the guys looked like David Villa) and it just descended into madness with me and Christian running back to the hostel and then ending up being facebook stalked by two nutters. Good times. 

God there were so many little and big things that I loved that happened in Thailand, too many to write about on here. It will be great to go back before going home.

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